"What you have inherited from your fathers,
you must earn it in order to possess it!
What is not used is a heavy burden."

Goethe, Faust, Act I, Scene I

On the basis of progressive globalization and historical events, such as waves of emigration at the beginning of the twentieth century, expulsions and deportations, a significant change in society took place in the last century.
This was accompanied by a change in the household and family structures from the extended family to now increasingly common single household.

Due to the absence of family ties,probate courts are increasingly facing problems regarding the heirs legal inheritance.
badenia e.K. has made it its mission to contribute with their services to analyze these legal issues.
Our services are aimed at institutions that are professionally involved with the settlement of estates, working with probate courts, administrators and the executors, and also to individuals.

Thanks to its professional qualifications, experience in various fields of archival science, good contacts with archival institutions and the use of modern databases and research techniques Genealogia badenia is able to quickly provide effective results for our customers.

On the following pages, we invite you review our fields of activity.