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Procurement of documents

An overview of our services

  • Procurement of documents from home and abroad

The following types of documents can be obtained:

  • Birth, marriage, death and adoption certificates
  • Copies of wills, executions of wills or administrations of estates
  • Other documents on request

Of course, we can also assist you in obtaining the documents required to assert and enforce claims in inheritance matters.

The presentation of official documents as proof to authorities or to safeguard claims is indispensable in various life situations, such as birth, change of residence, recognition of degrees, marriage, divorce or even inheritance.

For various reasons, it can happen that the necessary documents are available but cannot be found or cannot be used as suitable proof.

In many cases, obtaining official documents, especially abroad, involves considerable bureaucratic effort or even a personal visit by the applicant.

Our range of services
are offered to private individuals, companies, banks and financial institutions, legal professionals (e.g. lawyers, notaries) as well as estate agents.

Costs and deadlines
The processing costs are calculated on an hourly fee basis. The necessary expenses are based on the generally applicable fees of the respective institutions from which the documents are obtained.

If the document cannot be obtained or is not available at the authority, the costs cannot be refunded. Should you still wish to proceed, a further payment must be made for a new search. We will not proceed without consulting you first!

The authority responsible for issuing the documents cannot give a time frame, but experience has shown that it can take about a month for them to be delivered to us within Europe.

Certified translation
A certified translation is always required if a foreign-language document is to be given legal validity in court and before state authorities in Germany and within the European Union.

If required, we also take care of the necessary certifications and translations, which are carried out by sworn interpreters with whom we work together so that you can concentrate on the essentials.

Contact us by e-mail, telephone or post if you have any questions.